11 Reasons You Should Try Shabbat with Chabad 

[1] The people are inviting and respectful

We pride ourselves on our warm and inviting environment. We welcome all — no questions asked! Want to try it out? Just stop by! There are no strings attached... You are welcome the way you are.

[2] We are a kid-friendly Shul

If your kids are being kids, that's fine with us... Children of all ages are welcome to participate. We say that G‑d might appreciate the children’s noise even more than the adults' prayers!

[3] You do not have to become a member

By us, every single Jewish person "belongs." You do not have to be a member, and affiliation is not necessary. And no, there are no dues. You do not have to pay to pray.

[4] Your opinion will be respected and appreciated

We value your input in every area, and would love to hear what you think.

[5] Services are held in a beautiful facility

Our shul serving Rancho Bernardo, Poway and 4S-Ranch community, has been built just for you. The place is gorgeous... You should come just to check it out!

[6] You will learn something new every time

The Rabbi will pepper the service with interesting thoughts and ideas regarding Prayer, the Torah, and Judaism in general.

[7] Prayers are joyful and uplifting

If you think Prayers are boring and stale, you have not been here yet... Between the singing, explanations, and insights, the Services are brought to life!

[8] A vibrant, interactive, and provocative learning environment

Want a long sermon on the Parsha of the Week? Go somewhere else! Want predictable answers? This is not the place for you. But if you want a stimulating give-and-take which is actually relevant, then give us a try.

[9] The Kiddush is delicious

Following Services, we sit down for a delicious Kiddush... You will not leave hungry!

[10] Our Rabbi really means it!

Our Rabbis are dedicated to making everyone feel comfortable. They will go out of their way to accommodate you. They are equally committed to teaching authentic Judaism in a friendly way. To that end, they will address issues and answer your questions honestly and sensitively.

[11] We want you here!

Enough said...