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Reopening Registration

  • We are very happy to inform you that our Shul will soon be opening it’s doors once again for Shabbat and weekday services. We are officially closed at the moment but will be opening in phases. 
    Phase 1: Trial & protocol training period with limit of only a minyan (10-15).
    Phase 2: Open for our local community members
    Phase 3: Open to guests and the wider Jewish community.
    We would like to start phase 1. If you are interested in taking part in this trial period with following all protocols, in preparation to phase 2, please fill out the registration form. Being phase one is limited to 10-15 people, it will be in a rotation bases.
    Please understand, the only way we will be able to enter phase 2 is if we all follow all protocols at all times.
    List of protocols:
    -Must wear a mask at all times 
    -Must keep a distance of 6ft 
    -No kissing of mezuzah/torah
    -Entering and exiting will be one by one only.
    -Sanitize hands before entering and must wash hands often.
    -Bathrooms for emergency use only
    -No food 
    -Services should be as short and proper as possible.
    -It is crucial to come on time to each service.
    -No one with the virus or virus-like symptoms, a cold, fever etc. may come to Minyan.
    -People who are 65 years and older or who have high-risk conditions to consult with their doctor about attending. If they have concerns, they should not come and they should not feel guilty about not attending
    -Will refrain from talking/socializing during minyan
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